A little about me. To put it all in perspective. 

I'm from Evanston, IL on the northern edge of Chicago. I grew up the younger sibling of two very talented children's theatre actors.  I followed in their footsteps because it's what we did after school. 

I'm very thankful to have met Mike Malarkey in 6th grade and to be included in his horror film Skinned 2 which gave me my start in filmmaking.

I'm also very thankful that my high school had a dark room and photography classes so I could be ingrained with the basics at a young age. 

I made a medium-length feature in high school called Pheromania starring Mike Malarkey and Lauren Lapkus. It was for an independent study class called Senior Studies.  I received an A+.

I am still attempting to pay for the BA in Cinema from the University of Iowa I earned, but what really taught me a lot was a weekly series I made with David Blum called The HP.  We churned out a 20-minute TV show week after week, writing, producing, and editing.  And this was before the DSLR revolution. 

I was very lucky to get the opportunity to study abroad in Florence, Italy. I found a program at a little art school called Santa Reparata and studied darkroom photography, digital art, and seriography. It sounds trite, but it was an important time in my life and deepened my love for photography and travel.

After college, I spent the summer exploring the middle east with my sister and then moved back to Chicago. On my first day back I started classes at iO, the infamous improv theatre. I treated it like grad school. At the same time, I taught myself to digitally animate in a 2.5D world, spending hours everyday toiling at a project called Doodie Egg, inspired by a moment in Israel when I opened a hard-boiled egg for breakfast after a five-hour sunrise hike to discover that it was rotten. My delirium took over and Doodie Egg was born.

Doodie Egg, once completed, was a 27-minute pilot and played at a couple of festivals and since then has been a project I look back on as a learning assignment. In truth, most projects fall into that category for me eventually. 

After classes at iO, I was placed on the new house team inkling. It was an incredible group of people and I loved my three years playing with them at the theatre. 

After meeting them through the Chicago improv community, I started making videos with John Reynolds and Carmen Christopher.

I started writing a stage show with Morgan Lord under the name Sweathearts, a word we made up alluding to our worrisomeness.